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Remember that weird time when everyone started getting smartphones and then everyone had smartphones but we didn’t have what to do with them because the internet wasn’t ready to go mobile? Well, they fixed the issue in some of the major sectors, such as social media, instant messaging or mobile maps, but the world of online gaming has fell behind, and with it all the porn gaming sites that were popular at the time. There were simply no games to work well on Android and especially on iOS. The Flash technology was obsolete and it needed changed. It changed so fast that the big old porn gaming sites couldn’t keep up with the transition and they just offered both Flash and HTML5 games on the same website. But where they made the biggest mistake was to brand their entire website as mobile ready. When people got there to play games on their phones and realized that they’d better imagine the porn action than trying to play it on the third generation of iPhone, they gave up on this form of adult entertainment all together. And to this day, many people don’t realize that you can play amazing sex games on your mobile device. All the best sex games of the moment can be found on Porn App Games, the website where every single game was tested and optimized to work perfectly on both smartphone and tablets from both Android and iOS.

The Same Sex Games But Built For Mobile

The Flash porn games have become obsolete at this point. You can’t play them online, no matter how hard you try. They won’t even work on PC. So now the entire porn gaming industry is mobile. Well, not that fast. Not all the sites have optimized their games in different ways for iOS and Android, which means there is lagging, uneven movement flow and graphics errors, not to mention that sometimes they just stop working and they won’t even let you pass that error after you restart the game and start from the beginning.

Well, that will never happen on our site. We take each game and optimize it. It takes time but our collection is growing by the day. We have games from all the main categories in this collection. You can play fantasy simulators in which all your dreams of family sex, teacher porn, office fucking and even army orgies can be enjoyed in hardcore sex games. At the same time, we feature some well crafted RPGs with amazing stories. The Role Playing Sex Games of our site are coming with a customization menu to create an avatar however you want and then you can explore a world filled with characters, quests and stories waiting to be discovered. All while fucking everything that moves left and right.

And don’t think that we forgot about the parody porn games. There are so many cartoon sex games on this site, featuring all kinds of characters from Lois and Marge to Elsa, Kim Possible and the My Little Pony hotties.

Don’t think that we forgot about the queer players and about the ladies who like playing games on our site. We have all kinds of games for them. Everything you need from gay dating simulators to erotica text-based games with visual novel elements for the ladies, and even porn games for couples, all here available in your browser.

Browser Sex Play For Free On Porn App Games

When you’ll get on our site from mobile, besides the pop up that will ask you to confirm your age (that you’re over 18) you won’t see any pop up. You won’t see any kind of restrictions and we never ask you to register or pay for anything. The couple of well-placed ad banners are well placed, so that you won’t even notice them in your processes of navigation and browsing. The only ad you will notice when on our site will be the video that plays while the game is loading. But you can skip it in five seconds, just like on PornHub or YouTube.

So, with that being said, you’re ready to have the best adult gameplay experience that the internet can offer on your mobile device. Get your phone or tablet, pick an intimate spot and explore your sexuality and fantasies with this massive collection of sex games for mobile on Porn App Games.

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